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No Wiggling out of This One!


Sweet Uncle Wiggly rabbit with his own book. He measures 25" from the tip of his ears to the bottom of his feet. He is smiling because of the mischief he is about to get into.  I can remember  playing the Uncle Wiggly Game for hours until most of the paper wore off the gameboard!


Smug Feline


I have been collecting and selling American Primitives in Texas and Ohio for over 40 years. My passion is homespun, cloth dolls, stuffed animals, and children's clothing and toys.  I am constantly searching for items that help tell a story from the past.  Please  check out my website.

Old leather kitty  $120.00

Ready for a Cat Nap!


Cute early mohair cat is in great condition. HIs shoe button eyes help him guard his food before drifting off to catland.  Measures  5" tall and is 11" long.                    185.00




A Girl missing her dog.


ThIs plain and simple little pup looks harmless, but he's ready to defend if need be. His smooth, velvet body is soft to the touch and he is in need of some stitching  repairs in a few places. There are tiny remnants of ears and his tale is a darker brown that once matched his ears.  He measures 6" high and  9" long.  He'd make a nice addition to someone's collection.     


A Bride to Be


Antique rolled arm cloth doll with pencil drawn face.  The back of her head is covered with stocking material and her blouse and skirt are sewn on.  She is 15" tall and happily holds flowers from her garden.   Circa 1840-1850 .     


Sweet early cloth doll


 This homemade doll is ready to go from my collection to yours.  She stands about 14" tall and sits easily.  An old hat pin supports her head. Her red bloomers are sewn on and can be seen underneath her old blue skirt.


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Don't Pull the Rug over your Eyes.


Great woven table rug/mat.  22" wide, 16" tall.  $56

Scrub Box


Well made scouring box  for cleaning utensils with good red paint on all sides.  Great for holding cutlery or napkins. $ 195.00

Small Child's Tote


Cute size tote for holding toys, crayons, tiny dolls, jacks or other prized things.


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I'll Take a Doggie Bag to Go!


I love this dog!  He has the most wonderful face that is hard to resist. Mohair is mostly worn away because of endless hours of play. He stands 6" tall and he can move his head and paws slowly to watch where you go. Won't you take him home?


A Bark Worse than a Bite.


This poodle dog has some life left in her yet.  Wire supports the wobbly legs and she is worn showing some straw stuffing.  Shoe button eyes make you smile.  6" long and ready for a walk.


How Much are those Doggies in the Window?


Precious collecton of early dogs competing for the spotlight. 

 Largest  mohair dog with uppity face 8" tall and 7" long.  Straw and sawdust stuffed.


Middle dog in excellent condition sports a red ribbon  for show.  Darling face with floppy ears. $160

Smallest brown/white dog always has something to say.  His mouth opens and his left ear is flipped up to hear what you are saying about him.


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Set of Blocks


Complete set of flat lithograph blocks.  Rest of alphabet is on reverse side.


Amish Handmade


I've had this rag doll in my collection for over 40 years.  She has a variety of fabric making up her body and her face has faint facial features that someone added years ago.  Found In Pennsylvania at an Amish yard sale, she definitely speaks of time gone by. I did not try to repair her.


Your Guess!


I was told he was a cat but my husband says a walrus!  He is solidly stuffed with sawdust and cotton and truly represents folk art.


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Minature Shaker Pen Wipe.


Antique Shaker pen doll 2 1/2" tall.  She is wearing a deep purple skirt and a rose lace top. Dolls like this were bought  first and then outfitted to be sold in their gift shops.  Excellent condition except a tiny chip on one toe.  Nice collectible.


Wishbone Surprise.


19th century Native American pen wipe made from spruce gum and a wish bone.

 Her black wool braids hang down over the wool blanket that covers her. She has a note attached that says "Once I was a wishbone and grew within a hen, now I am a little slave made to wipe your pen."  6" tall and in excellent condition. circa 1880-1900


Velveteen Rabbit?


Not quite! This 12" rabbit is part velvet and mohair with a straw-stuffed head that is worn from age and play.  He has a squeaker that no longer works.  Sits easily and is in great condition.


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"Fetch and Keep" Dog


This cutie loves to play catch, but he won't give it up easily when he does. Spotted with shoe button eyes, he clutches his rag ball for dear life. Wire enforced legs help him sit up.  Who wouldn't want to play with him?


A Boy's War


First boy doll I've had in a long time.  He looks like the battle is over and he's resting comfortably with his loyal cat.  He is 13" tall with tiny fingers protruding from his moth eaten uniform.  Cotton stuffed, this 19th century treasure is a survivor.  Sold.

Batter up!


Old catcher's mit and bat for morning practice.  Set $35.00

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Small Rabbit from the UK


Just a cute rabbit for your Easter basket.  He is 6" long and 3" high. Good condition.


Hiding in Plain Sight!


A plain hand made Amish rabbit that stands 9" tall. SImple but cute.


Unusual Thread Case


This little  leather shoe holds 3 spools of thread.  It comes with a small hand made pin cushion.


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Rest of the blocks.............


Sweet Baby Jane

Sweet Baby Jane

Antique rag doll with a dear ink  drawn face and hair that frames her face.  She is faded and so soft.  She is stuffed with cotton that is packed down. The perfect name for her is "baby" and you can tell she has been well loved.  A great example of a simple but great rag doll. Circa 1890-1910.    $295

A Bear in a Chair


This 12" reddish/brown bear  comes with her own chair.  She is stuffed with cotton and has small stitching repairs on her left ear and upper body.  She has a well-worn straw hat that she refuses to wear.


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Necessities in Life


Mennonite prayer cap 

and early brown shoes.


shoes- 110.00

A Simple Dress from Simpler Times


Indiana Amish girl's dress in  muted pink and brown colors. Excellent condition.


Bedtime Bear


Ready for bed bear sits comfortably on a handmade quilt in his flannel bed shirt.  Paw repairs , but in good shape. He's asking for one more bedtime story. Approx  22" from head to toe.


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Ready for Winter


Sweet off white child's mittens.


Don't Wipe your Hands on These!


I love homespun linens.  These long initialed towels were often hung over the top of doors leading from one room to the next or simply hung on the wall to show off the stitching and fabric.  Great condition.

Initial "H"towel-52" long    $65

Initials "SHS"-40" long- two tiny age spots on back 


Washday Blues?


Not with these early cleaning tools! Handmade clothes pins have been a part of our early American culture   showing utility and creativity for ages. 

 Left- large, chunky blanket clothes pin  $55

 Shaker pin $95.

Group of 3 pins with metal band 


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Personalized Pencil Box


19th century pencil box with initials  on the bottom that shows the care that went into designing this.  Little girl's tintype photo on the front with painted decoration surrounding it.


Fabulous Fabric


Pennsylvania millwork that measures 148" long and 52" wide.  One tiny age spot on back.  Colors are orange and pale green.  Great decorating piece.


The Cat's Meow.


Pitiful 19th century cloth cat with shoe button eyes.  Her repairs are beyond repair, but I fell in love with her at first sight. She sorta stands  and has lots of stories she could tell.  Approximately 10" long.  Sold.

Amish girl


This Pennsylvania Amish stump doll moved to Ohio!  She is all original and is willing to travel to a new home. Stands 11 1/2 inches tall.  


Black Stockinette Doll


Sweet early stitched face doll with black bead eyes and red floss mouth.  She's firmly stuffed with cotton and her arms and legs are all original so she sits easily  in her red and black checked dress.  Stands 12 " tall . Circa 1910-1920.


Barely there.....


ThIs little guy belonged to an elderly lady born in 1897 in Appalachia near North Carolina. He was with her -her entire life.   He has shoe button eyes and is wearing a red/white homemade shirt. 

He stands 8 1/2 " tall.  He's unusually quiet  this day.         $150.

Walked a Mile in These Shoes!


Early child's hightop shoes -red and brown. circa 1900.  Red pair $100.00; Brown $ 110.00

Sweet Sunday Bonnet


Early 1900's lined brown velvet bonnet.  Lace around the face, pleated fall, and twisted braid accents. A few worn spots, but overall in good condition.  Measures 10" long.  $150.

Throw a Strike!


Wonderful hand made leather baseball from Pennsylvania.  $115.00

If the Glove Fits........


Small pair of child's leather gloves.


Dressed and Ready to Go!


Tin head Minerva type doll with turkey red dress. Feet and arms are stuffed so she sits easily. Left arm is frayed on the end but does not distract from the look. Approximately 11" tall.


Hooked on Cats!


Great multi-colored hooked rug with cats enjoying the day. 33 1/2 inches tall by 22".  $130

Fabulous Shaker Bonnet


Very early Shaker bonnet lined with egg wash polished brown cotton.  It is all hand sewn with the original plaid ribbons and ties.  Excellent shape for its age.


A Stitch in Time.....


Sweet child's sampler dated 1833.  Would be cute framed with a collection of samplers. I think more than one person worked on this.  Sold

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